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We, at Leuwint Technologies, step in as a solution to each of your above questions. 'Leuwint' stands for 'Let Us Win Together'. Teamwork is the key to success of a project/product development.

At Leuwint, we have been working with organizations at both ends of the stratosphere - from the multi-billion dollar organizations to the start-ups. Our aim has been simple and clear - "You have a problem? We are here to fix it". "You have an idea? We will help build it."

We have worked with some of the leading banks, pharma companies, retail and media houses to name a few. Our focus in technology has been hybrid - to use the new and emerging technologies like React Native, HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, MongoDB, Android and iOS along with Java and web based technologies.

In the space of responsive web, we have successfully converted Vijaya Bank's internet banking to responsive UI. We have helped Bosch come up with a building integration system software that helps make buildings more secure. We have built a complete product from scratch for a start-up company in the US that caters to media houses by providing trending news repository as audio/video, images and content.

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At Leuwint, we believe in partnership and winning together. We welcome you to share your ideas and business challenges so that we can provide apt solutions using emerging technologies at right quality, thereby helping realize your dream.

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Let us win together.

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  • Δ Partnered with one of the leading suppliers of Security and Communications products in Middle East to help create a building automation and security solutions

  • Δ Retail services for Major Companies in UAE

  • Δ Support services for a Pharmaceutical Company in Ireland

  • Δ Data Analytics services for a Social Media Company in US

  • Δ Self-appraisal, learning and development app for a leading training house in India

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